This section is for you if you already have a grant, or if you’d like to know more about how things work before you apply.

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Coronavirus information for current grant holders

If you have a grant from us, our priority is to ensure that we process grant payments as normal and that we offer whatever flexibility and support you may need. Please contact your grants manager by email with any questions, concerns or updates – this will mean that they can get back to you even if they are working remotely. We are committed to:

  • Offering flexibility around how your grant is used. We understand that your work may change, that you may need to redirect your resources and staff and that timelines will shift. Please talk to your grants manager if you want to use your funding in a different way or over a different time period.
  • Offering flexibility around reporting dates and what is contained in your report: we understand that you are likely to be working under pressure and that hitting report deadlines, or writing detailed reports, will not be your first priority. Please discuss with your grants manager or explain the situation in an email and send us what you can – we can always follow up with you later. When you contact us to request a payment please do so by email, and attach a copy of a recent bank statement to your email so that we can confirm your bank details even if we are working remotely.
  • Being available to listen and support – please do get in touch with your grants manager if you would like to talk anything through, or if there is some additional support we could offer.

For the latest updates about how we are responding to the Coronavirus outbreak, visit our updates page here.

Information for grant holders

This is information for organisations which have received a grant from us. As well as information on our terms and conditions and our reporting requirements we try to answer some of the questions which can come up over the lifetime of a grant. For example:

  • Can we ask for a ‘change of use’ for our grant?
  • Can we use our grant to cover sickness or maternity pay?
  • How quickly do we have to claim our grant?

Go to Any questions? for the answers to these questions, and more. If you can’t find what you need please call the Information Team on 020 7727 8522 and we will do our best to help. We are currently receiving a large number of calls, please bear with us if the line is busy. We cannot see your number on our phone system, so please leave a voicemail so we can call you back, clearly stating your name and phone number.

You might also find this section helpful if you are thinking of applying to us for a grant and want to know more about the conditions attached to our grants and about how we’ll ask you to report back to us about progress.