Please make sure you send us all the information we ask for: we can't make a payment until we have everything we need.

How to claim your grant

We need slightly different information to release payments across the life of a grant. Please read on to find out more.

The first payment

You must request your grant in writing, by emailing our Grants Team.

We outline what information you need to send us in our Information and Responsibilities sheets. You can download our latest versions from the list on the right. These vary slightly depending on whether your grant is for capital, revenue or towards specific salaries.

Please also make sure you send us a scan or photo of a recent bank statement in the name of your organisation. This allows us to verify your bank details and set up a direct transfer to your chosen account.

This bank statement must be less than three months old.

Subsequent payments

We will send you a reminder about a month before your next payment is due. However, we will not be able to make the payment until we receive a satisfactory grant report and all the financial information we ask for.

Please refer to the relevant Information and Responsibilities sheet for full details of what you need to send us.

When you request a payment, please also remember to confirm that your bank details remain the same. If your bank account has changed, you will need to send us a new bank statement dated within the last three months.