Reporting back

As a general funder, supporting a huge variety of organisations working in many different ways, we don’t take a ‘one size fits’ all approach to reporting back. There are no standard forms to fill in – we simply ask you to tell us about the work you have done and how it has made a difference.

As well as hearing about key achievements, we also want to know about things that haven’t gone to plan or which worked differently from how you expected.

What you need to send us

This varies according to the type of grant you have – capital, revenue or towards specific salaries - so please refer to the relevant Information and Responsibilities sheet for further guidance.

If your grant is for one year or a capital grant, we will usually just need you to send us an end of grant report.

If your grant covers more than one year, we won’t be able to make further payments until we have received a report on your work and all the financial information we ask for. This usually includes:

  • A copy of your latest annual accounts and annual report
  • An income and expenditure budget for the whole organisation for the current financial year, showing what income is secured
  • A draft budget for the next financial year if you are nearing the end of your financial year
  • If relevant, a breakdown of project costs over the next 12 months or details of how you are covering the balance of a salary, if we are not funding the post in full.

At the time we made your grant, we may also have highlighted some specific areas we would like you to report back on. Please refer to your original offer letter, as any additional reporting requirements will be outlined there.

When to send us your report

We will usually send you a reminder about a month before your next payment is due. But please keep a note of your reporting dates. The period each instalment covers will be included in each payment letter we send you.

You can send us your report up to three weeks before your next payment is due. If it’s going to be late, don’t worry. Just get in touch if you think it will be delayed by more than a month.