We usually ask grant holders to send us an annual update, but if something significant happens 'between reports' please get in touch.

When to get in touch

We usually ask grant holders to send us a progress report every 12 months over the life of your grant: this triggers the release of any further instalments. You should also send us an end of grant report 12 months after we made your final payment.

If we have given you a capital grant or a revenue grant over one year, we ask you to send us a report once the capital work is completed, or at the end of the period we are funding.

In some situations we may ask you to send us more frequent reports: if we want you to do this we will make this clear in the grant offer letter.

Serious incidents

Please let us know immediately if you think a serious incident may have taken place within your organisation – this could be related to loss of charity money or assets; damage to property; harm to your beneficiaries, staff or volunteers (including safeguarding incidents); or harm to your organisation's work or reputation.

If you are unsure what you need to tell us, or just want to talk it through, please get in touch with a member of our Grants Team who will be happy to discuss this with you.

If something changes

It is important to keep us informed about any significant changes that could impact on the work we are funding, or on your organisation as a whole. If something does happen, don’t wait until your next report to let us know. We will always be happy to hear from you and may have some helpful advice.

Examples of things you should tell us about include:

  • A change of post holder, if we are funding a specific post
  • Significant changes to plans for a building we are funding
  • The departure of a key member of staff (even if we are not funding that post)
  • A major change of direction or policy
  • A severe funding crisis or other threat to the viability of the organisation
  • A potential merger

You are also welcome to share progress and other news by sending an email to our Grants Team.