New job opportunities

Publication date: 28/03/2024

Please look at our new job posts as we continue our organisational transformation.

There is so much happening at the Tudor Trust as we continue the work to build a new strategy and plan our new approach to our grant-making in line with this.

We are excited about the new posts we are developing and hope we can attract candidates with a wide range of skills and experiences. This blog is to give you more of an insight into what we are looking for as we build our team, and to hopefully tempt you to apply.

At Tudor, we are currently a small team, and by the end of 2024, we expect to have grown to around 12 to 14 staff. To achieve the change we are working towards whilst also growing the team, we are committed to working with care and collaboratively so that we can maintain momentum and a level of ambition. All our new posts are designed with iteration, learning and reflection at their core to reflect how we are all aspiring to work.

In our grant-making, we want to engage with wider stakeholders to build networks and create new approaches to deeper systemic change. We want to consider how we maximise on our commitment to building strong relationships with our grantees. This means revisiting our grant-making processes to reduce bureaucracy in the application process, to gather data and evidence based on learning, and to build longer-term relationships to create new networks and ecosystems of change.

If we are serious about working in partnership and being more intentional about our focus on racial, social and economic justice, then how we build our teams must reflect this. We are therefore very open to hearing from people who have not worked in grant-making previously. We want to draw upon the skills and experiences of people who have worked in the wider social, racial and economic justice sector.

An important part of Tudor’s transformation is our organisational culture and the redevelopment of our internal people policies and practices. We have started to develop our principles which we will put into action through our behaviours and have identified the following as our starting point:

  • Inquiring: Fostering an environment of inquiry through curiosity, embracing new perspectives, engaging in ongoing exploration, and committing to continuous learning.
  • Collaboration: Working collaboratively with colleagues, grantees and trustees and actively communicate ideas, offer support, and participate in collective decision-making to achieve shared goals.
  • Transparency: Maintaining transparency through honest communication, open sharing of information and decisions, taking accountability for actions, and ensuring clarity in all interactions.
  • Inclusive: Creating an inclusive workplace environment by respect for diversity, promoting equity and belonging and demonstration of empathy towards others' experiences and perspectives.
  • Justice: Ensuring justice through fairness, equity, and impartiality in all aspects of society, ensuring that individuals receive what they are due and that their rights are respected and protected.
  • Creativity: Encouraging creativity, coming up with new and unique ideas or ways of doing things by using your imagination and thinking in different ways.

Currently we have job vacancies for a Programme Officer and for an Executive Assistant & Operations Manager.

If you feel you have the right skills and approach to bring to these roles, we really do look forward to hearing from you. We are expecting further opportunities to become available at trustee, advisor and staff level, so please do stay in touch by signing up to our newsletter.

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